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Get Involved in Outsourcing Jobs

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Do you have time to work as a freelancer? Have some programming skills? Know language other than mother tongue? Have writing power? Have research ability? Anything you may have you can earn money working as a freelancer. There are outsourcing platforms free and paid ones to provide you all type of work.

At first sign up with those that are free. World top freelance sites are listed below. Set up your profile accordingly so that a daily posted project list is sent to your mail box. Bid on projects which are suitable for you. Many people earning money setting up a team skilled in different fields. There is unlimited work and unlimited potentiality. While register mark up all type of work so that all type of daily posted projects are sent to you daily.


USA based company. Free to join. After joining, take a preliminary test of English proficiency to qualify for job bidding.


Company name Exhedra, USA based. Very nice environment.


Canada based. Lot of work posted daily. Projects list delivered to your inbox daily.


Sweden based European company.

Those above are reliable free sites and top listed.

Some charge fees for bidding projects. High ranking of them are


Some others are low profile but free to join



If you have expertise to work as a freelancer you don't need to register with so many freelance sites. Top listed are enough to find work for you.
Happy Earnings.

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